Day Thirty two – One Day I’ll fly away


I love flying.  There is something fascinating and magically about a window seat on an airplane, looking down on a cloudless day at the intricacy of the landscape.  The rivers winding through to the sea.  Snow capped mountains that look most odd when viewed from this angle.  Mountains that I will never climb , and yet here I am high above them and their majesty and wonder is somewhat humbled from this perspective.   Cities, towns and villages with streets and houses, road networks and industrial estates. Like model villages all organised and structured much more so from up here than it appears when I’m driving around trying to find my way at street level. Then becoming aware just how green and lush it all is. How stunningly beautiful our world is.  How vast the forests and how blue the ocean.  Then the excitement in spotting a small white dot out at sea and to realise that that is probably a really large cruise ship, but from this angle it really is very difficult to make out and suddenly not visible anymore, as it seems to merge in with the water around it.

And at night, when the lights are on.   Big cities twinkling away, and the lights on cars moving around the dark motorway networks.  Sports venues with their really bright lights revealing ant like creatures scurrying around for whatever reason.   And the large expanses of darkness between the areas of light revealing the contrast between rural and residential spaces, adding to the wonder and mystery of our amazing landscape.

From a distance the normal things around us are very different, and it always makes me wonder how on earth I matter. I am just one jot when I begin to consider the great scheme of things, for when viewed from 30,000 feet I am but nothing, just a tiny spec in the great picture of the universe.  Does God really know about every person, every village, every town, every country.  Surely the whole idea that he does is ludicrous.  Look at the world – its huge, and I’m just a bit player.  On the grand stage of life I don’t even features as a significant extra – I’m just me!

This reminds me of the Psalmist who saw it for the other prospective – as he stood with his feet very much planted on the earth looking up into skies, and pondering our universe and the order and beauty of the stars and the galaxy that opened up to him as he questioned;  “Oh God – who I am that you are mindful of me?”

I know today, as the psalmist knew hundreds of years before me, that as much as it makes no sense whatsoever to think that the all powerful, all knowing God cares about me, He actually does.  Because God is all seeing, and does love individuals and care about our life, in fact he cares about and knows every cell of my being, every hair on my head.    So as many times as I fly on an airplane, and look down and once again go through this questioning I am assured that God doesn’t just see the big picture, but he is always found in the detail.

My Prayer:

Thank You Creator God for the order and beauty of our world, and the privilege of life here today among all the intricacy and complexity of your creation.

Jesus – during this Lenten season –  that when I feel like I don’t matter, when I wonder if you really care  about me,  remind me again that you care much more than I can ever imagine.

Lord hear us – Lord graciously hear us!


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