Lent Day Twenty Seven – I believe in springtime



At this time of year I love the fact that the trees decide to wear yellow or white or pink and not just the usual green and brown.  I love that moment when the sweet spring wind blows and the cherry blossom pestles fill the air, like a light fall of snow on the spring breeze, the delicate natural confetti for the moment when the world become the perfect place for lovers.

I love the way that daffodils , hyacinths,  snowdrops and bluebells act as if it’s their divine right to occupy any small area of ground and to multiply at a great rate, sharing their glorious colour with our waking world, filling the air with their unique  sweet fragrance .

At this time of year I love the fact that our country fields are full of frolickers (My pet name for lambs); who hop and jump and skip playfully together.  I love the way they closely follow their mother, and becoming very noisy and distressed when they get lose sight of her when they become lost in their joyful antics.

At this time of year I love to fill my fruit bowl and salad drawer of the fridge up with a variety of colourful fresh foods, as I tell myself that this is the time of year to indulge in healthy eating yet again.  When my comfort food becomes a pear or a strawberry instead of a biscuit or a jam butty.

At this time of year I love to put the winter clothes away. Hang up that heavy coat and put the boot straighteners in the boots for another six months, as I once again discover my sandals and lighter clothes, which all seem much more comfortable and  relaxing,  creating a more optimistic feel as winter fades away.

At this time of year I love it when the clocks go  forward and the mornings get lighter and the evenings seem longer, as we  welcome British summer time officially together as a nation.  And those folks who have suffered from seasonally adjusted disorder can now begin to draw a line under that oppression for yet another year and learn to breathe freely again.

At this time of year I love the fact that we can open our windows and let the fresh air into our homes; so we no longer feel quite as closed in and isolated from our neighbours and community as we have in the winter months Now we are suddenly more available, more connected to the world outside our own four walls.

I love to see the birds nesting, the sight of the moorhen precariously building her nest near the edge of the water, from bits of drift wood and trigs she collects from the bank.   This seemingly flimsy structure which she trusts with her precious eggs and guards with her life until very soon when we catch a glimpse at a whole new generation who will soon learn how to do this amazing building work for themselves.

I love the fact that Spring is all about new life, new beginnings, new adventures ; and as the world adjusts to all this, so do we, and something within us embraces this as we encounter the living God in all our beautiful world around us, leading us on to new and beautiful things.

My Prayer:

Thank You Father that you that at this time of the year the world is waking up again, to colour and new life and  beauty.

Jesus – during this Lenten season – remind me again that you desire to do a new thing in our hearts too.  May we be prepared to open our lives to you and the exciting things you have in store for us.

Lord hear us – Lord graciously hear us!


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