Day Twenty Two – Alone again



Some encounters with God are a bit like Psalm 88, there doesn’t seem to be any happy ending or resolve.  The following I found on a piece of paper pushed in the back of my Bible, dated September 1997.

Lonely?  Me – lonely?

But surely Lord I don’t get time to be lonely.

I’m much too busy to ever feel alone.


How can a mother be lonely?

There are always children to see to

Hair to brush,

Faces to wash,

Tears to dry, Never a dull moment;

Never a solitary day.


How can a housewife be lonely?

There is always so much to do;

Meals to cook,

Clothes to iron

Bright ideas to come up with.

Not to mention love to share

And fears to subside.


Lonely Lord?  Me?

How can I be lonely?

Surrounded by noise and chaos,

The routine of family life

Striving daily for happiness

And peace of mind.

Seeking to be all that is required of me

And to remain in one piece at the same time.


Lonely?  Me?

As the children sleep,

As my husband rests

As the day draws to a close.

Yes Father,  right now I feel so lonely

Are you there Lord?


My Prayer:

Thank You Father, that even when we feel alone you are always there to call upon and you know and care for every detail of our lives

Jesus – during this Lenten season – remind me again that you are a true friend.

Lord hear us – Lord graciously hear us!


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