Day Fourteen – Always a women to me


Today is International Woman’s day. A day where I can sit back and celebrate my femininity. I’m really glad I’m a woman! The roller coaster ride of emotions and hormones, the privilege of riding a menstrual cycle, growing boobs; being pregnant, giving birth, and being “mum” – all of which today I celebrate and thank God for. And now I peer over the fence at the menopause and although this is not something I’m particularly looking forward to, I know that at the other side of it all, I will be no less a woman than I am now.

So today I am grateful that God made woman in His own image! With all our charm, beauty, feminine wiles, gentleness and passion. For in so many women throughout the years I have discovered God and felt God’s amazing love. Let me give you an insight into two such women who made a real impact on my life.

The first one was the mother of a dear friend of mine – her name was Isobel. Isobel was a fantastic woman whose desire was to walk close to God, and yet she was a woman who in her life had made big mistakes and had learned some really hard lessons. The wonderful thing was it was these experiences made her so genuine, and approachable. She always had time for me in my difficult teenage years. She was the person who I would go to and share my struggles with; she was the “mother” who saw me through into an adult faith and was there for encouragement, wisdom, confession and prayer. She was a warm, loving, real human being – far from perfect (in fact she was known in our home church for always being on the last minute to everything), but she was exactly the person I needed at that time of my life. She knew how to laugh and how to cry, and she demonstrated to me how a Christian woman should be – genuine, real and beautiful.

The other woman is a very dear friend who will remain nameless. (because you may think it’s you – and it may well be!) She is a close friend who shares all of life with me. I reckon the best thing about being a woman is we have closer friendships than most men, we go to a deeper level and share things more intimately where most men would skip the details. This friend knows all my secrets, she know my personal struggles, she knows my likes and dislikes,  my dreams and hopes. And I know hers! They say a true friend comes in when the rest of the world goes out – well in that case she is indeed a true friend. We laugh together, cry together, pray together and often misbehave together. This friendship sustains me and allows me to know that I’m ok. Sometimes we may not see each other for a while, but that doesn’t matter because friendship is accepting and forgiving.

So thank God for so many women who have journeyed with me and shared life and faith, who have influenced me and nurtured me to develop into the woman I am today. And yet – let me also say on International Women’s Day – Thank God for Men! Because personally Id really hate to be in a world without them!

My Prayer:

Thank You Mother God, That you come to us today like a Mother to Israel – Tender, Gentle, Passionate, Caring, and Loving. How we need you this day.

Jesus – during this Lenten season – remind me again my femininity is a gift from God herself, and a way to show you to the world. Lord hear us – Lord graciously hear us!


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