Lent Day Two – If it’s Magic



If it’s magic, then why can’t it be everlasting?
Like the sun that always shines;
Like the poets in this rhyme;
Like the galaxies in time?

Stevie Wonder’s fascinating poetry – only complimented by the intricate chords and melodious sound of his voice, a voice which leads this fan to encounter God often.

Being a church minister is a great responsibility and blessing.  To journey with people through joy and pain, birth and death, high days and holidays, adventure and disappointment is costly yet what a privilege.    It’s not one I ever take for granted, although like all employment, some days I think I succeed better than other days in my role of listening and supporting others.

Whilst in my present church I encountered God through a dear sister who despite her frailty and terminal illness, shared her life and faith with me at a deep level.  In this phenomenal woman I witnessed the strength of living faith, the importance of doubt, the healing of tears, and also the joy of heartfelt laughter.

In her final days whilst she was still at home, I would visit her often.  She was younger than myself, by a few years.  As we talked together I became aware that I had all that she ever wanted – a marriage, three beautiful children, and a good job , all things that her failing health condition had prevented her from enjoying.  She would talk of her disappointments, especially the disappointment of never knowing the joy of falling in love, of making love and giving birth.   She would ask me what those things were like; knowing that life would pass her by without these blessings being hers.  Very honestly and openly I would answer her questions, feeling privileged that I had experienced these amazing things, and yet a little uncomfortable as she enquired and I realised that she would end her days without sharing these deep human joys.  Around her home were images of mother and babies, couples in love – images of the things she longed for the most, which were denied her by her wasting condition.

Yet not only would we talk, we would listen to music together.  We both loved Motown and particularly Stevie Wonder,  and would often stop talking and burst into song at random times when a certain track came on, or just sit in silence and listen together.  One time when “If it’s Magic” came on, in the quietness she requested – “funeral please, because it has been magic!”   My friend was never defined by what she didn’t achieve, but by the way God shone through her life, and in her I encountered God who brought that magic to life for us both.

My Prayer:

Thank You Jesus that you don’t measure our success in this life by what we have achieved on any level – just purely by the way we get to know your amazing love  and make your love known through the way we live our lives, and share community together.

Jesus – during this Lenten season – remind me again that the magic we encounter is to be shared with others, for it is a precious gift from you alone.

Lord hear us – Lord graciously hear us!


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