Lent Day One: If you can’t dance!


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV06Erd0jww&feature=fvst) – Yes each day has a you tube link, which you may or may not like to listen you.

As a child I loved to dance. I did attend dancing lessons that my parents paid for, tap and ballet for a while, and even Morris Dancing at Girls Brigade in the local Anglican Church. I loved Morris dancing with bells on my plimsoles and waving around big brighly coloured pom-poms.

Yet my favourite dancing was not restricted to the confines of a Youth Centre or Girls Brigade Hall, surrounded by other little girls in tutus or miniskirts, the dancing I really loved the most was done alone, wild, free, outside and with great energy.

Growing up in Manchester in the late 60’s thick fog was not that usual. Some days it would just fall – a real pea-souper, my father would call it (although I’m reliably informed now that pea-soupers were more in the 20’s and 30’s!). Anyway, it really was so thick that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face if you held it at arm’s length. To me this was perfect dancing weather!

Just across the road from my family home was a large, open playing field, later in life this became my school playing fields that I crossed every school day for 5 years, but as a child in the fog, this was my escape, my place of freedom, my sanitity. When the fog fell I would grab my coat and head for the door – closely followed by my mother with a scarf so I didn’t breath in the bad fumes! I would cross the road, squeeze through the gap in the iron fence that the school kids had made to take the short cut to school, and head for what I thought was the middle of the field. In thick fog it’s hard to know where you are going, and I never had an in built compass, and to this day don’t know my left from my right.

When I reached the place where all I could see around me was fog, and I was convinced that no one could see or hear me, I would begin to dance and sing at the top of my voice, with all the energy a seven year old little girl could muster, I would dance and dance and dance I would dance until I felt like I was flying, soaring high above the field, lost in my own little world. (Billy Elliot later called it electricity!)

Singing at the top of my voice, significant songs would come to mind. I was taken with the film “Chitty,chitty, bang bang” – and “Grow the Roses of success” was one of my favourites. This time alone in the field was all about freedom. Freedom to dance and sing, freedom to lose myself completely in a world that was mine – it was personal, it was liberating, it was innocent.

I knew God shared these moments with me . He taught me to fly there in that field, and he flew by my side. In the field I was a prima ballerina, I was a film star, I was a beautiful woman. In those moments I saw my potential and no one and nothing was in the way between who I was and who I could be.

Jesus said – “Follow me – and I will make you……..” Often life makes us, circumstances shape us, people seek to change us, we conform, we compromise, we become a pale shadow of what we wanted to be, what we were made to be. Yet in that field, in the pea-souper – I knew I was made to fly.

My Prayer:

Lord today – years later – may I fly again. In the intimacy of this moment; may I rise and be the person you made me to be – beautiful, free, crazy!

Jesus – during this Lenten season – please will you make me again, for I need you to reawaken something within me that soars with eagles.

Lord hear us – Lord graciously hear us!


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