Hello world!


Well this is my first entry onto this Blog.  Some of you know I commenced writing a Lent Reflection Book last year entitled “Songs in the Key of Lent”.  I got through to day 27 but then circumstances changed for me and I gave up – typical – always struggled with discipline.

Anyway – I have promised myself I will finish this this year, and I thought I would post one a day on here for anyone to read who wants to.  I am grateful to those who received it last year and gave me such positive feedback and encouraged  me in my writing.  I have attempted to write other things since but have not had the courage to do anything about it, only to keep them to myself.   But maybe on here it will be a safe place to test the water and see how it goes.

So its watch this space…


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  1. Yay!!!! Welcome to the Blogging world!! I find writing such good therapy, although sometimes I do have to remind myself that it can be read by the general public!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do & I look forward to reading your entries :o)

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